Bridges vs. Implants in Pensacola, Florida

Posted by GCD Staff Jul 06, 2019

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Insight from a Pensacola, Florida Implant Dentist

There has always been much debate over which dental treatments and procedures are best. Some dentists only want to take reactive measures to fix teeth, while others focus on preventative care. When it comes to comparing dental implants to fixed dental bridges, there is equally as much debate.

Though many people boast that bridges are a more economical option, there is much evidence that actually suggest the opposite. While implants may seem to cost a little more up front, the long-term investment is much more valuable, as the treatment is more effective than bridges and results in less additional oral complications.

To understand what sets these two treatment options apart, we will need to examine their differences in procedure, not just price.

Which option is right for me?

At Gulf Coast Family Dentistry, Dr. Hart cares about giving patients the best possible treatment. He will go over your options with you, such as dental bridges or implants, and help you select the treatment plan that will best fit your needs.

The implant procedure will include the following steps:

  • Immediate implant placement
  • Followed by a post in core to secure to implant fixture
  • Crown placed over metal implant
  • Implants are often less traumatic and less expensive in the long run, as the results are more permanent and less likely to lead to further reinfections, tooth sensitivity, and other related issues.

The bridge procedure will include:

  • Adjacent teeth being cut down and reduced
  • Creation of a non-removable prosthesis
  • Attachment of this bridge on top of cut down teeth

Unfortunately, due to the necessity to file down the healthy, adjacent teeth, additional oral care problems can arise. Sensitivity, root canals, bone atrophy, recession of gums, and cavities under or around the crown, are all major issues that can result from bridges. The tooth may suffer from infections, fractures, and eventually need to be pulled out. If the tooth is destroyed, it will need to be removed, and then the bridge process completed all over again with additional teeth. As you can see, this process is actually much riskier, and ultimately more expensive if any issues were to occur.

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