How Dental Implants Positively Influence Oral Health

Posted by GCD Staff Jul 12, 2019

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Most of us already know that a dental implant is the best tooth replacement option available today. However, when we think about a dental implant, we imagine a gap-free grin. We picture smiling with confidence and renewed self-esteem.

While these things are true, dental implants also improve your oral health.

Let us explain.

A Dental Implant Prevents Bone Loss

When a tooth is missing, your jawbone shrinks without the support of that tooth’s root. Bone loss can lead to a caved-in appearance in the face, impact chewing, and create the perfect dip for adjacent teeth to move toward over time.

A dental implant prevents bone loss by taking the place of your tooth’s lost root.

A Dental Implant Prevents Shifting

When teeth are missing, existing teeth shift toward these empty spaces. This causes an impaired bite and limited dietary choices.

A dental implant prevents shifting.

A Dental Implant Helps Prevent Wear on Existing Teeth

When remaining teeth are counted on to do all the chewing, this causes these teeth to wear down over time.

A dental implant restores balance, giving teeth equal time when chewing.

How Dental Implants Work

A dental implant is a thin titanium post surgically implanted in your jaw. This post bonds with your jawbone over a period of months and becomes your new tooth root! Following this bonding of titanium to bone, our top Seattle, WA cosmetic dentist places an abutment and your life-like tooth restoration.

Your dental implant does the following:

  • Gives you a great smile
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Ups your dietary choices
  • Prevents shifting
  • Prevents wear on existing teeth

And it only gets better! A few strategically placed implant posts can support an entire arch of life-like tooth restorations.

Yes, dental implants are that strong!

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