Partial Dentures

A partial denture, commonly known as a “partial”, is a prosthetic that you place in your mouth to replace the function and appearance of a few missing teeth. A partial can be either a single unit (one tooth) or multi-unit (several teeth). It is used in conjunction with the remaining natural teeth. It is usually made of metal and plastic.

Partials are available in two forms: removable or fixed.Partial dentures are designed to match the appearance of the rest of the teeth, including shape, size and color. If partial dentures are designed correctly, they will be comfortable to wear and function just like the rest of your teeth.The two main types of dental partials are fixed and removable. A fixed dental partial attaches artificial teeth to the jaw with a dental crown. It can also be attached under the gum with dental implants.

Removable dental partials consist of a metal framework with plastic teeth and gum areas. Clasps hold the dentures in place, but they can be removed easily for cleaning. Some partials are made with clasps that match the color of the teeth and are less noticeable.

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