Dental Crowns in Pensacola, FL

Dental Crowns in Pensacola, FL

A dental crown is a restoration that caps a tooth to restore its shape and size, strength and improve its appearance. At Gulf Coast Dental, dental crowns can be made from various materials, including porcelain, metal alloys, resin, or ceramic. Crowns are also indicated for teeth with large fillings, fractured teeth, misshapen teeth, and discolored teeth.

Why Is a Dental Crown Necessary?

A dental crown is a dental restoration that completely covers a tooth and restores its shape, size, and strength while protecting it from further decay or fractures.

A dental crown can be worn to cover and protect a tooth treated with a root canal or to fix a tooth with large fillings. It can also correct the appearance of teeth that are misshapen, broken, discolored, or worn down.

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be made from several materials, including metals, porcelain, and resin. Metal crowns are the strongest, but they require the removal of more tooth structures to fit than porcelain or resin crowns. Porcelain and resin crowns are thinner and don't require as much tooth structure removal. This makes them ideal for patients who need extra protection from tooth decay but still have a healthy amount of tooth structure.

The crown encasing your tooth will be custom-made to fit your tooth's shape. A dental crown can be made in two appointments. The tooth will be prepared to receive the crown during your first appointment. Your dentist will reshape the tooth by removing a portion of your tooth. This is required to make room for the crown. Your dentist in Pensacola, FL will take an impression of the tooth after it has been prepared. The impression will be used to create a stone model of your tooth. This will help ensure your crown fits comfortably and correctly against your natural teeth.

Your crown will be checked for fit and bite at your second appointment. If everything looks good, your crown will be cemented onto your tooth.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are frequently used to protect a tooth that has undergone a dental procedure, such as a root canal. The crown fits over the tooth to cover the entire surface, preventing damage to the inside of the tooth. Dental crowns also restore the tooth's appearance and improve bite function. Dental crowns help to strengthen teeth that have less structure by having a dental crown applied.

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