Dental X-Ray in Pensacola, FL

Dental X-Ray in Pensacola, FL

Dental X-rays use small amounts of radiation to produce images of your teeth and mouth. These images allow our Gulf Coast dental dentist to see what is happening below the surface of your teeth. Dental X-rays help your dentist find decay between teeth and under existing fillings. They help your dentist in Pensacola, FL see bone loss due to gum disease and infections.

How Do Dental X-Rays Work?

Patients may not realize it, but dental X-rays work by using a radiation source. This source is typically a beam of electrons or photons, which pass through the oral tissues, like teeth, gums, and bone, and expose the film, which registers the radiation energy. While dental X-rays are a form of radiation, the amount of radiation you’re exposed to is meager. It’s less than what’s found in a standard chest X-ray.

Why Take X-Rays of My Teeth?

Dentists take dental X-rays to help diagnose various dental conditions. These images can be used to spot issues such as a cavity, abscess, or impacted tooth. The dentist can then use this information to develop a treatment plan to address any problems with your smile.

The Benefits of Dental X-Ray


Gone are the days of uncomfortable and time-consuming dental X-rays. Advanced dental technology makes it easy for patients to get quick, painless dental X-rays whenever needed. 

Better Diagnosis

X-rays allow dentists to see between and below your teeth. They allow dentists to see the root of your tooth, jawbone, sinuses, jaw joints, and upper and lower airways. These scans can help your dentist diagnose issues such as gum disease, abscesses, TMJ, oral cancer, and foreign objects, such as toothpicks and popcorn kernels, in the crevices of your mouth.

Less Radiation

Dental X-rays are one of the most important diagnostic tools in detecting dental issues and determining the best treatment plan. Traditional X-rays use radiation to capture images of your mouth. The amount of radiation is minuscule, but some patients prefer to avoid X-rays altogether.

Fortunately, modern dental practices now use digital X-ray technology. These X-rays use up to 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays. Digital X-rays are also faster and don’t require the film's development. This makes the entire visit quicker and more comfortable for patients.

Dental Health Monitoring

Dental X-rays are often recommended as part of a routine dental exam. X-rays allow your dentist to examine the development of the teeth and the bones of the face and jaw. The dentist may also be able to identify signs of cancer, infection, or other dental complications.

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